Hydrogen Peroxide Gel Pens vs Carbamide Peroxide Gel Pens: Which is Better?

Teeth Whitening: Hydrogen Peroxide vs Carbamide Peroxide

Everyone has been there where they have been thinking, what is the best gel pen formula to use? The choice comes between using Hydrogen Peroxide or a Carbamide Peroxide gel pen.

Well for us to generally understand their difference, Hydrogen Peroxide pens are formulated to lift teeth stains faster than the Carbamide Peroxide formula. HP's are stronger and rapidly penetrates tooth enamel in a shorter amount of time. The HP gel pens however are more abrasive and would need to be professionally applied to avoid gum line burns.

On the other hand, Carbamide Peroxide or simply CP gel pens, takes longer time to fully whiten and lift teeth stains. Now this doesn't mean that CP's are the inferior product. CP's are less abrasive and can be fully used by a non-professional to apply. Thus making it perfect to be used at the comfort of your homes.

Both of these treatments are very effective for teeth whitening. The only difference is how long it takes for them to whiten your teeth. An LED teeth whitening machine or a mouthpiece with LED can fully enhance the speed of getting your desired results.

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