Coaching Program


Coaching Program

Let's work together!


  • One hour of Business Coaching with Natasha, Director of Education for iLashQueen!
  • Comes with "I Wanna Sell Lashes" ebook!


Designed for Women who want practical business advice in a relaxed setting. At 34, Natasha is a serial entrepreneur, who prides herself on mentorship and Women Empowerment. Originally from Miami, Natasha has lived across the Country, as well as internationally in Cuba, Dominican Republic, & Mexico. After earning her Master's Degree from an Ivy League institution, Natasha returned to Miami and quickly began to climb the Corporate ladder. Her first jobs included positions at community non-profits and governmental organizations. In  2010, at 27 years old Natasha incorporated her first Company and quit her "good job" a few months later. In 2013 she saw the opportunity to expand her career into the beauty sector with the popularity of social media. This pursuit ultimately developed into iLashQueen, wherein she quickly became an international educator and mentor to women, while developing products in international demand. iLashQueen is now in its 5th year. This point in Natasha's career has transitioned into wealth-building as she focuses on building generational wealth.

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